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About Us

Medical Billing in the 21st Century

The cost of processing paper medical claims is rising every year. In order to reduce cost and dramatically improve Health Care Billing, Medicare and other major carriers will require that all claims be processed electronically. In short, paper processing will soon be a thing of the past.

Electronic Billing Today!

Using advanced technology, we can help you begin your conversion from paper to electronic medical billing.
We strive to provide efficient and effective electronic claims processing to our clients. Electronic billing has been shown to dramatically reduce claim rejection rate, speed up the billing process and reduce the amount of paper work involved with medical billing.

According to the American Medical Association:

   Cost/Claim filed electronically is 1/4 the cost of paper processing
   Rejected claims filed electronically are less than 1% compared to 33% for paper processing
   Electronic filing dramatically reduces the receipt of payment time to only 7 days compared to 200 days using paper filing.

So you can stretch your dollar to the Max!!!
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To begin converting your practice to efficient Electronic Medical Billing, call or contact us today.
Let us solve your insurance claims processing problems while you enjoy the benefits of our service.

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