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First 50 Claims Free!!!

First 50 Claims FREE!

Marin Medical Billing Group will process your first 50 claims for FREE!!

If you sign a contract for a month, using the first 50 claims in your 1st week of your contract. Every claim after that will be $2.50 for first time users only. With a minimun of 150 claims in a month.

First 50 for FREE!!!
"Imagine the money you can save"

In addition to our 50 FREE claims billing service, we will also provide FREE medical practice set-up, including set-up with our insurance claim Clearing House. Therefore, you will not incur any non recurring costs to switch to our medical billing services! In return, you will provide your practice the opportunity to better utilize your valuable employee time, resources and experience. Leave it to us, to keep up with the state laws and the usage of proper and up-to-date insurance claim forms.

"Non contract service also available"

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